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Homework Help: Anthropology 101

Posted by Kathy on Saturday, July 14, 2012 at 9:43pm.

I have and the I just want know if it is correct.

1. The American class system: (Points : 1)
is a closed system.
is an open system.X
is mostly endogamous.
is an illusion, because there are no classes.

2. A dowry is: (Points : 1)
when, upon marriage, the bride works for the groom’s family
when, upon marriage, the groom gives wealth to the bride’s family
when, upon marriage, the groom works for the bride’s family
when, upon marriage, the bride’s family gives the bride wealth X

3. The tertiary sector of an industrial economy is: (Points : 1)
involved in resource extraction.
involved in manufacturing.
the service sector.X
involved in finishing products for consumption.

4. Traditionally, a caste in India: (Points : 1)
had diffuse and easily permeable boundaries.
were exogamous.
were economic classes.
were endogamous.X

5. Factory industrialism: (Points : 1)
is traditionally dated to the invention of the cotton gin.
was the first subsistence form to separate the workplace from the home and neighborhood.X
changed the concept of femininity, and gave women a way to garner power.
freed women from the hardship of domestic work.

6. The responses of indigenous peoples to Western colonization included: (Points : 1)
happiness that they would be cared for.
cultural disintegration.X
feeling of security.
relief that their culture would become developed like the West.

7. Dowry is most likely to be found in societies: (Points : 1)
where women contribute more to subsistence than do men.
that are complex, but not industrial.
with polygyny.
where couple’s live with the groom’s family.X

8. Before colonialism, most colonized people lived in: (Points : 1)
general peace and tranquility X
static and unchanging cultures
a state of balance with nature
constant warfare and violence

9. Caste systems are most common in societies: (Points : 1)
that were previously ranked.
that have a tradition of slavery.X
that have a great deal of occupational specialization.
that have monetary systems.

10. Modernization theory suggests: (Points : 1)
social and cultural changes are not important elements of development.
developing countries can develop their own paths to development.
Third World countries will follow the same transition process as the West. X
there are many undesirable features of Western-styled modernization.

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