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Could someone double check my answers for me? Thank You!
2.) “Right. George Bush ‘won’ the election in 2000, didn’t he?” the use of quotation marks around “Won” has the effect of a
a. Weaseler
b. Dysphemism
c. downplayer
d. rhetorical explaination
e. not a slanter
My answer: C. downplayer
4.) After George W. Bush announced he wanted to turn a substantial portion of the federal government operation over to private companies, Bobby L. Harnage Sr., president of the American Federation of Government Employees, said Bush had “declared all-out war on federal employees.” Would you say that the quoted passage is
a. a rhetorical explaination
b. a euphemism
c. a weaseler
d. hyperbole/ a rhetorical analogy
e. not a slanter
My Answer: D. hyperbole/ or a rheutorical analogy
5.) “Harry and his daughter had a little discussion about her outfit…one that left her in tears.” The best option is:
a. a loaded question
b. a euphemism
c. both a and b
d. neither a or b
My Answer: D. neither a or b
9.) “studies confirm what everyone knows: smaller classes make kids better learners.”
This statement contains:
a. a proof surrogate
b. a weaseler
c. hyperbole
d. an innuendo
e. no slanter
My Answer: A. proof surrogate
10.) MAN SELLING HIS CAR: “True, it has a few dents, but that’s just normal wear and tear.” This statement contains what might best be called
a. a loaded question
b. an innuendo
c. a dysphemism
d. a euphemism
My Answer: D. a euphenism

Page 206
Determine whether fallacies are present and, if so, whether they fit into a category.
2.) C’mon, George, the river’s waiting and everyone’s going to be there. You want to tell ‘em you’re gonna worry on Saturday about a test you don’t take ‘till Tuesday? What’re people goning to think?
My Answer: Yes, peer pressure “argument”.
3.) ATTENDANT: I’m sorry sir, but we don’t allow people to top off their gas tanks here in Kansas. There’s a sate law against it, you know.
RICHARD: What? You’ve got to be kidding! I’ve never heard of a place that stopped people from doing that!
My Answer: Yes, appeal to common practise.
8.) Chair, Department of Rhetoric (to department faculty): “If you think about it, I’m certain you’ll agree with me that Mary Smith is the best candidate for department secretaty. I urge you to join with me in recomending her to the admisnistration. Concerning another matter, I’m now setting up next semesters schedule, and I hope that I’ll be able to give you all the classes you have requested.”
My Answer: Yes, argument by force.
9.) NELLIE: I really don’t see anything special about Sunquist grapefruit. They taste the same as any other grapefruit to me.
NELLIES MOM: Hardly! Don’t forget that your Uncle Henry owns Sunquist. If everyone buys his fruit, you may inherite a lot of money some day!
My Answer: Yes,rationalizing.
11.) “You’ve made your mark and your scotch says it all.”
My Answer: Yes, apple polishing.
12.) Dear Senator Jenkins,
I am writing to urge your support for higher salaries for state correctional facility guards. I am a cleric worker at Kingsfor Prison, and I know whereof I speak. Guards work long hours, often giving up weekends, as a dangerous job. They cannot afford expensive houses or even nice clothes. Things that other state employees take for granted, like orothodontia for their children and a second car, are not possibilites on their salaries, which, incidently, have not been raised in five years. Their dedication deserves better.
Very truly yours,…
My Asnwer: Yes, argument from pity.
21.) My opponent, the evolutionist, offers you a different history and a different self-image from the one I suggest. While I believe that you and I are made in the image of God and are only one step out of the Garden of Eden, he believes that you are made in the image of a monkey and are only one step out of the zoo.
My Asnwer: Yes, appeal to tradition
Page 231; exercise 7.4 2, 3, 8, 9, 15 & 16
Identify any fallacies in the following passages. Tell why you think they are present, and identify which category they belong in, if they fit any of those we’ve described. Instances of fallacies are all from the types found in Chapter 7.
2.) It’s obvious to me that abortion if wrong—after all, everybody deserves a chance to be born.
A; line drawing fallacy. A precise line cannot be drawn on the subject of abortion.
3.) Overheard: Well, I think that’s too much to tip her. It’s more than 15 percent. Next time it will be 20 percent, then 25 percent—where will it stop?
A: slippery slope fallacy. The thought that more money will be put into a tip each time.
8.) Don’t tell me I should wear my seat belt, for heaven’s sake. I’ve seen you ride a motorcycle without a helmet!
A: inconsistency ad hominem. Denying the request to wear a seatbelt because the driver has been seen without a helmet which is avoiding safety measures.
designed to tax everbody who works so people who don’t can still have an easy life.
A: False dilemma Fallacy. Communism or an easy life for those who don’t work.
15.) Overheard: “Hunting immoral? Why should I believe that, coming from you? You fish, don’t you?”
A: Inconsistency ad hominem. Someone who fishes believes that hunting is imoral, even though the two sports are similar.
16.) “Will we have an expanding government, or will we balance the budget, cut government waste and eliminate unneeded programs?”
A: False dilemma fallacy. Expand the government or balance the budget.

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