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A reseacher would like to determine whether a change in lighting to full spectrum light bulbs increases productivity on an assembly line. A sample of n= 36 participants is obtained, and the light bulbs over the line are replaced. under general/historical operating procedures, productivity has a mean of 330 units per day and a standard deviation of 10. The individuals in the sample had an average productivity of 333 units and a s=11. A)Can the research team conclude that the change of light bulbs increased productivity with p level of 0.01? show all necessary components to support your answer when testing this hypothesis. B) The distribution of units produced is not normally distributed in the population. is it still all right to do a hypothesis test? Explain your answer.

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    A) I would say the research team cannot conclude that the change of light bulbs increased productivity with the data given. However, check this by using the appropriate hypothesis test.

    B) Yes, you can still do a hypothesis test by using one of the tenets of the Central Limit Theorem:

    The shape of the sampling distribution increasingly approximates a normal curve as sample size (n) is increased, even if the original population is not normally distributed.

    I hope this brief explanation will help.

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