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1) Aluminum Chloride- Red- PH: 4.0

2) Sodium Carbonate - Violet- PH: 9.5

Ammonium Acetate - Yellow - PH: 6.5

the question is: explanation with equation to show hydrolysis

Could you please help me thank you.

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    Al(H2O)6^3+ H2O ==> Al(H2O)5(OH)^2+ + H3O^+

    CO3^2- + HOH ==> HCO3^- + OH^-

    NH4Ac + HOH ==> NH4OH + HAc
    (NOTE:) Actually NH4OH doesn't exist; it is NH3 + H2O but I thought it easier to explain what is going on. When I was in school NH4OH was a compound; it has been shown not to exist and the above equation would have been the acceptable answer 40 years or so ago.

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    if it doesnt exist should I write

    NH3 + H2O ---> NH4OH + HA ?

    thank you.

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