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algebra 117b

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Are these factorable
Beecause I tried and could figure it out
can you please help me thankyou
x^2-4x+-32, x^2+14x+41,4x^8x7-12x^6+8x^5

  • algebra 117b -

    x^2-4x-32 = (x-8)(x+4)

    Since 41 is prime, x^2+14x+41 is not factorable. However, if there's a typo, and you meant x^2+14x+49, then that's (x+7)^2

    4x^8x7-12x^6+8x^5 = 4x^5(x^2 - 3x + 2) = 4x^5(x-1)(x-2)

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