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Company "A" sells soil at 11 cents per cubic foot. While company "B" sells it at 3 dollars per cubic yard. You need to have 20 cubic yards of soil planted. What is the better company to go with? and how much will you save?

  • Geometry -

    Theres 3 feet in a yard, so 11*3 would be $3.30 a cubic yard and since company b already has it in cubic feet
    company b= 3*20, which would give you $60 dollars for 20 cubic yards, and
    company a= $3.30*20, which would be $66 for 20 cubic yards.
    the better company to go with is company b, and you save $6.

    i may suck at algebra, but i rock at geometry. :D

  • Geometry -

    there are 3 feet in a yard, so that's 27 ft^3 in a yd^3. Company A sells dirt at .11*27 = 2.97/yd^3

    So, you save $.03/yd^3 with A. If you need 20 yd^3, that will save 60 cents.

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