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Posted by rfvv on Monday, July 9, 2012 at 12:54am.

1. Who sent a postcard from Santorini?
Judy did.

2. With whom is Judy traveling in Greece?
He is traveling in Greece with Mom.

3. When did they arrive in Athens?
They arrived in Athens five days ago.

4. What is the capital of Greece?
It is Athens.

5. What did Judy and her Mom see in Athens?
They saw the Parthenon and the Olympic Stadium.

6. Where did they come last night?
They came to Santorini, an island in the south of Greece.

7. When they came to Santorini, what problem did they have?
They had a problem with the hotel.

8. How did they solve the problem with the hotel?
A Greek man helped them.

9. This is small, but it is so beautiful. What is it?
It's Santorini.

10. What were Judy and her mom looking for?
They were looking for the Alexandria Hotel.

11. Was the Alexandria Hotel open or closed?
It was closed.

12. How did they book the hotel?
They booked the hotel n the Internet.

13. For what did Judy's mom thank him?
She thanked him for having them stay with his mom.

14. What did Judy feel to see the Greek man?
She was scared.

15. How was the Greek man like?
He was friendly.

16. What did Judy like Santorini?
She like it very much because it was so beautiful.

(Qould you check the questions and the answers? Correct errors, please. Thank you.)

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