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Posted by Simon on Saturday, July 7, 2012 at 11:24pm.

Distillation Scale up:

In an experiment 100 lb-mol of 47 lb-mol % ethanol, 53 lb mol % water sol'n is fed into distillation column and separated into two streams:

0.470 lb-mol ethanol
0.530 lb-mol water

goes to:

steam 1:
17 lb-mol
0.890 lb-mol Ethanol
0.110 lb-mol Water

Stream 2:
31.9 lb-mol ethanol
51.1 lb-mol water


Scale-up: want to produce 733 lb-mol/hr of 0.890 lb-mol ethanol

How would I scale it up? Would I only need to multiply each value by 43.11 from the end? i.e. 17lb mol (of 0.890 ethanol) x 43.11 (from 733/17) to give me 732.xx mol of that ethanol?

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