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You mix 19.5 gallons of a mixture containing 12 wt% NaCl (sol'n density = 1.0837 g/cm^3) with V2-gallon sol'n that is 20 wt% NaCl (sol'n density = 1.1453 g/cm^3). Needed mixture is 19 wt% NaCl

Whats the V2 in gallons?

(all solutions are in water so just dealing with NaCl)

  • Chemistry -

    V1 =19.5gellon=2113.2cm^3
    TM1 =2113.2*1.0837= 22900.9 g
    M1= 12*TM1= 2748.1 g
    V2 =?
    TM2 =V2*1.1453
    M2 = 20*V2*1.1453
    V3=V1+V2 (mixing of two solutions)
    Conservation of mass:
    M3= 12*V1*1.0837 + 20*V2*1.1453 ....I
    TM3 = TM1+TM2,
    M3 = 19*TM3
    = 19*(V1*1.0837 + V2*1.1453) ......II
    equate equation I and II
    (you have value of V1, so its just 1 variable equation)

    V2= 129.158 gellons Ans

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