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I hope i am on the right track. Please look at my answer so I am doing correctly.
The letters of the word mathematics are written on separate pieces of paper and put in a hat. What is the probability of drawing a vowel from the hat? (vowels are a, e, i, o u.)

Number of letters that are vowels: 4

Numbers of letters: 12

Probability = “number of letters that are vowels: /” total number of letters”

Probability= 4/12 = 1/3

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    Please recount the letters in M A T H E M A T I C S.

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    2/11 got it

  • math - ,

    4/11 got it thanks!

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    You're welcome. :-)

  • Bria - math - ,

    Didn't you have the same problem and received the same answer already?
    You even acknowledged the answer.

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    can you do this problem What is the probability that from a normal 52 cards deck, you randomly draw a 7, and without replacing, you draw the Queen of Hearts?

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