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An airplane flies on a compass heading of 90° at 310 mph. The wind affecting the plane is blowing from 332° at 40 mph. What is the true course and ground speed of the airplane?

  • Trig/Precal -

    add the vectors.
    flying: 90sin310 E + 90 cos310 N
    windblowing: 40sin(332-180)E+40cos(332-180)N

    now add them
    result: East(90sin310+40sin152)+North(90cos310+40cos152)

    figure those, and you are near the end. Post your questions if you get lost from here.

  • Trig/Precal -

    Airplane going N 60 degrees W at a speed of 400 mph. What wind direction, at a speed of 75 mph will produce a resultant direction of N 50 degrees W.

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