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A revolving door consists of four rectangular glass slabs,with the long end of each attached to a pole that acts as the rotation axis. Each slab is 2.60m tall by 1.50m wide and has mass 39.5 .

Find the rotational inertia of the entire door.

If it's rotating at one revolution every 10.5 , what's the door's kinetic energy?

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    The moment of inertia (rotational inertia) of the rectangular plate about the axis passing along the axis is
    Iₒ=ma²/3, where a= 1.5 m.
    Moment of inertia of the whole door is I=4Iₒ=4ma²/3 =4•39.5•1.5²/3=117.9 kg•m².
    f=1/10.5=0.095 Hz
    =117.9•(2•π•0.095)²/2=21.1 J

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