February 26, 2017

Homework Help: Chemistry - Correction

Posted by Robert on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 3:58pm.

I just wanted to be sure if my answers make any sense.

Thank you;

For the reaction of ammonia:

N2(g) + 3H2(g) --> 2NH3(g)

suppose equilibrium has been established. Explain how and why the position of equilibrium will shift in response to the following changes:

(a) Additional nitrogen is added to the system
(b) Ammonia is removed from the system as it forms
(c) The pressure on the system is increased

(A) I think it will shift right, because we add more reactant so we need to make more product.

(B) If ammonia is removed it will shift to the left to compensate for that loss

(C) If the pressure is increased then the reaction it will shift right because we have less space, so it shifts to where there's less moles.

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