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I still have a few other sentences to check. Thank you, Writeacher.

1) " I've spent all my pocket money on that book!" (he/exclaaim)
He exclaimed that he had spent all his pocket money on that book.
2) "I'm going on a school trip tomorrow" (he/inform/his mum).
He informed his mum that he was going on a school trip the next day.
3) "I've been waiting for the bus for more than (longer than?) an hour." (he/say) . He said that he had been waiting for the bus for longer than an hour.
4) "I'll help you." (my mum/tell/Peter)
My mum told Peter that she would help him.
5) I need to find a further example of zero conditional (like the sentence:
If the machine stops, you press the button).Can you help me find another example???

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