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Foreign languages

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Writeacher, thank you very much!
Can you please check these sentences, too?

1) They left for the supermarket a few minutes ago.My child is with them. They need to buy food for lunch and won't be back until noon. We'll spend the afternoon at home because it's scorching hot outside.
2) Students are asked to report about their own dissertations first in Italian and then in English.
Can you breifly summarise the content of your dissertation in English?
3) I can see you made a summary of your dissertation in English. Would you please refer to (report about/talk about) it?
4) Would you be able to report about your dissertation in English?

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    you can not say hot scorching because both scorching and hot mean the same thing so u can say is hot outside

  • Foreign languages -

    1. "scorching hot" is a colloquialism used to emphasize how hot it is! The exaggeration is quite acceptable on unusually hot days!

    2. comma after "dissertations"

    3. "made" needs to be either "wrote" or "gave"

    4. OK

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