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Acrylic bone cement is commonly used in total joint replacement to secure the artificial joint. Data on the force (measured in Newtons, N) required to break a cement bond was determined under two different temperature conditions and in two different mediums appear in the following table.
Temperature Medium Data on Breaking Force
22 degrees Dry 100.5, 141.5, 194.8, 118.4, 176.1, 213.1
37 degrees Dry 302.1, 338.1, 288.8, 306.8, 305.2, 327.5
22 degrees Wet 386.2, 367.3, 322.6, 307.4, 357.9, 321.4
37 degrees Wet 363.7, 377.9, 327.7, 331.9, 338.1, 394.6
(a) Estimate the difference between the mean breaking force in a dry medium at 37 degrees and the mean breaking force at the same temperature in a wet medium using a 90% confidence interval. (Round your answers to the nearest whole numbers.)
( , )

(b) Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that the mean breaking force in a dry medium at the higher temperature is greater than the mean breaking force at the lower temperature by more than 100 N? Test the relevant hypotheses using a significance level of .10.
t = (Round the answer to two decimal places.)
df =
P = (Round the answer to three decimal places.)

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    round 1.394 to nearest hundred

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