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Algebra 1 (Scientific Notation)

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How will you write this in scientific notation? if you do not mind explaining how you did it. Thank you!


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    first step: count the trailing zeros. That gives you

    15789 * 10^9

    But scientific notation requires you to express the product as a power of 10 and a number from 1-10.

    15789 is 1.5789 * 10^4
    because you have to shift the decimal point 4 places to the left. Now just add the exponents to get

    1.5789 * 10^13

    To do it all in one go, just count how many places you have to shift the decimal point to arrive at a number between 1 and 10 in front. In this case, if you shift the point 13 places to the left, you end up with 1.5789

  • Algebra 1 (Scientific Notation) - ,

    Thank you so much...! this will help me on my final next week...! :)

  • Algebra 1 (Scientific Notation) - ,

    4.3 x109

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