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Aurora national Science High School

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a +4C charge is 400m along the horizontal line toward the right of a -3C charge. Calculate the E at a point 300m above the negative charge. ASAP please. It's 7:48pm here and I need it tomorrow at 7am. Thanks.

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    It is a simple problem, the E vectors add as vectors.

    First the E from the negative charge.

    E1=kq/r^2=-3Ck/300^2 in the direction of downward.

    E2= k(4c)/500^2 in the direction of theta

    where Theta=arc tan 300/400 to the left of the upward direction.

    E2=4k/500^2 (upward sintheta+left costheta)
    E2=4k/500^2 ( 300/500 upward+400/500 to left) check my mental calculations

    now add E1+E2

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