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A carefully designed experiment can measure the gravitational force between masses of 9 kg. Given that the density of iron is 7860 kg/m3, what is the gravitational force between two 9.00-kg iron spheres that are touching in N?

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    Density ρ=m/V = 3•m/4•π•R³ = >
    R=cuberoot(3•m/4•π• ρ) = cuberoot(3•9•9/4•π•7860) =0.065 m.

    the gravitational constant
    G =6.67•10^-11 N•m²/kg²,

    F =G•m1•m2/R² = =6.67•10^-11•9²/0.065²=1.28•10^-6 N

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    The third line

    R=cuberoot(3•m/4•π• ρ) = cuberoot(3•9/4•π•7860) =0.065 m.

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    I'm supposed to get 3.21e-07 N.

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    F =G•m1•m2/(2R)² = 6.67•10^-11•9²/(2•0.065)²=1.28•10^-6/4 =0.32•10^-6 N

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