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Non-voting is a huge problem in the US because...
A)many Americans think voting does not make a difference.
B)most voters think that all elections are of equal importance.
C)many illegal aliens vote.
D)most Americans do not believe in democracy

I know its not D. I think it is A

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    I agree.

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    You're welcome.

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    "A" is the best answer among the four choices presented here, but it's not the best answer.

    The best answer is that while voting is legally required in many democracies, it's voluntary in the United States. Arguably, the reason that people don't vote in the US is that it's not required.

    If voting were required in the US, as it is in Italy and Brazil, then all of a sudden US voters would agree voting matters, because there would be penalties that they would have to face if they failed to vote. For example, if people who didn't vote couldn't get their tax refunds, then all of a sudden polls would show most voters agreeing that "voting matters" and "voting is very important," if only to get your tax return.

    Google this title and you'll see a list of countries where voting is required. Google their voting percentages and you see that where voting is compulsory, and e.g. people can't get a driving license without doing so, "voting matters." "Compulsory Voting
    What is compulsory voting?"

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