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Posted by Mike on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 12:44pm.

Can you please check if the following sentences are correct? Thank you.

1) “I met Mary last Monday.” (she/say)
She said that she had met Mary the previous Monday.
2) “I’m sorry, I broke the vase.” He apologized for breaking the vase.
3) “ You should really read this book, Steve! (Sally/recommend)
Sally recommended I should really read that book.
4) “ Be careful, because the roads are slippery.” (The policeman/warn/us)
The policeman warned us to be careful because the roads were slippery.
5) “I’ll help you.” (my mother/promise)
My mother promised that she would help me/to help me.
6) “We went on a school trip today!” (Peter/tell/his mother)
Peter told his mother that he had gone on a school trip that day.
7) “ I ate all the cake yesterday.” (Peter/confess to)
Peter confessed to eating all the cake the day before.
8) “I feel very well now.” (he/explain)
He explained that he felt very well then.
9) “Will your mother be at home tomorrow?” (Mary/ask/me)
Mary asked me if my mother would be at home the next day.

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