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science (very important)!!!!

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Calculate the final concentrations in mol/L of H+, Na+, Cl- and SO42- when the following three solutions are mixed together:
1000 cm3 of 0.10 mol dm-3 HCl
500 cm3 of 0.20 mol dm-3 NaCl
500 cm3 of 0.20 mol dm-3 of Na2SO4

  • science (very important)!!!! - ,

    calculate moles of H+ added: 1.000*.1=.1Mol

    calculate moles of Na: .5*.2+.5*.2*2

    calculate moles of Cl : 1.0*.1+.5*.2
    and so one with the sulfate ion.

    Finally, divide each by the total volume, 2liters.

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