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What does this mean

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What does this mean?

The tympanum of St. Trophimus takes up the theme of biblical tetramorph evoking the vision of Ezekiel and the Apocalypse of St. John, then a symbol of the four Evangelists, it shows a triumphant Christ and dispenser of justice, seated, holding the Bible on his lap and blessing with his two fingers of his right hand raised. It is surrounded by the classic symbols of the four evangelists: a winged lion for St. Mark, an angel (or a winged man) to St. Matthew, St. John for an eagle and a winged bull for St. Luke. The two evangelists at the bottom of the eardrum Mark and Luke, who unlike Matthew and John have not known Christ, do not watch the son of God.

This motif is common in Roman art as can be seen for example in the eardrums of Charlieu Abbey, Saint-Gilles, of Our Lady of Embrun and Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire.

On the archivolt are represented angels of judgment and angels in adoration.

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