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Calculus grade 12 exam review PLEASE HELP ASAP !!

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PLEASE HELP ME! Exam is in an hour and i need to finish this exam pre-test to help me !

consider the function y = 2sinx

a) determine dy/dx

b) calculate the exact value of x for which the slope of the tangent to the graph is √2 in the interval [0, pie]

c) determine the equation of the tangent in part (b).

d) determine the y-intercept of the tangent in part (c).

  • Calculus grade 12 exam review PLEASE HELP ASAP !! - ,

    this should be east by exam time:

    dy/dx = 2cosx

    2cosx = √22
    cosx = 1/√2
    x = π/4

    y(0) = 2sin π/4 = 2/√2 = √2
    the line is thus (y-√2) = √2(x-π/4)

    y-intercept is where x=0, so y=√2(1-π/4)

  • Calculus grade 12 exam review PLEASE HELP ASAP !! - ,

    THANK U!

    to be honest i really hate calculus and i didn't really pay attention in the course. im going into kin (of arts) so its a pre-req but i wont be taking any math or calc courses in university, i don't know why its a pre req then. but thanks u so much

  • Calculus grade 12 exam review PLEASE HELP ASAP !! - ,

    Sarah, many faculties will use the study of Calculus as a thermometer to test your ability to think logically.

    Even though people will never use 95% of the mathematics that they study, taking mathematics has shown to be one of the best ways to teach somebody how to think analytically.
    Until the 70's the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine made it obligatory for first year medical students to take Calculus and obtain at least a B, or else they could not continue in the faculty.
    By showing that you can handle Calculus, you have shown that you can think logically and analytically, clearly an ability that you want a doctor to have.
    - (end of editorial)

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