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Posted by Mike on Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 5:11am.

I urgently need to check how to rephrase modals expressing possibility/probability etc.

1. Iím sure/certain he didnít rob the bank. He can't have robbed the bank (only choice)
2. Iím certain/sure he stole the ring from Peter Williamís bedroom.
He must have stolen....
3. It is possible that he will be invited to Peterís wedding. Maybe he will be invited to....
He may be invited to...
4. Iím very unsure if I will pass my driving test. He might not pass
5. He is likely to visit us tonight
He should visit us....
Other books include: He may/might visit us....
Does "be likely" express a possibility or a probability??
It is unlikely that I will play football tomorrow.
I might not play/shouldn't play (possibility or probability)
6. You are not allowed to wear jewellery to school.
You can't wear...../You are not permitted..
7. I didn't succeed in finishing my maths homework.
I couldn't finish...
8. We were compelled/oblidged/forced to surrender. We had to (??) surrender.

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