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Physics(Please check, thanks)

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A football player kicks a ball with a speed of 25m/s at an angle of 40 degrees relative to the horizontal. Ignore air resistance.

1) What is the ball's range?

R= V0^2 sin Q / g Is this the correct equation to use?

  • Physics(Please check, thanks) -

    I am not a believer in "equations". Formulas are to be reserved for babies.

    How far does it go?


    So what is time in air?
    hf=hi+Vv*time-1/2 g t^2
    t= 25sin40/4.9
    distance= 625*sin40*cos40/4.9

    check my solution.
    So, you do not have the correct formula.

  • Physics(Please check, thanks) -

    Where did you get 625 and 4.9?

  • Physics(Please check, thanks) -

    Looking through my textbook I found what it was that my teacher said to use.

    R= Vo^2 Sin 2Q / g

    So I guess I just have to plug in the numbers; Vo is 25^2 and Q is 40. Correct?

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