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If someone could help me get started or help me with the first few steps I could probably finish.

With Mass A = .500 kg
Mass B = .125 kg
Find the angle so that the system will be in equilibrium.

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    We don't have your diagram, so we don't know how the masses are connected.
    Please describe your figure.

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    Oh sorry I completely forgot to add that part in. It's a right triangle and mass A is on the incline (hypotenuse) portion and is attached to a pulley and on the other end is mass B hanging down the side that would be the height of the triangle (opposite of the angle). Is that clear enough?

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    The tension in the string will be equal to T, which connects both masses A and B.

    For mass A, the force down the incline is Ma*g*sin(θ) which equals T.

    For mass B, the force due to gravity is Mb*g which also equals T.

    Thus, equating the two values of T, we get:



    Can you take it from here?

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    Yea I got it! Thanks a lot!

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    You're welcome!

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