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Foreign languages

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I urgently need you to check these sentences, too. Thank you.

1) Pay in cash (or pay cash?)
2) Have you ever tried shopping on line OR online shopping?
3) They are planning to open a shopping centre on the edge/on the outskirts of town.
3) Imagine to dance with him. I can't imagine dancing with him (??):
4) Can you give me an example of "have + something + ing" different from I can't have this machine working.
I need to find examples with "leap, strive, proceed, condescend, care" + infinitive.
5) What is the difference in meaning between deserve + inf and deserve + Gerund?
Thank you.

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    1. Both work fine. Here are some examples:

    He paid cash for his car. (didn't take out a loan)
    He paid for his car in cash.

    2. Both are fine.

    3. OK

    4. I can't help thinking of you.
    I can't have drinking sprees.
    I can't have swimming lessons.
    (Do you need those examples used in the gerund's position?)

    I deserve to go to the movies.
    (but not "I deserve going...")

    I deserve to be paid on time.
    (but not "I deserve paying on time.")

    If you can give me other examples, I might be able to explain better.

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