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A 1400 kg car rounds a curve of 57 m banked at an angle of 14 degree

If the car is traveling at 98 km/h, how much friction force will be required?

I cannot figure out how to solve this problem. Someone please help me?

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    ΣFy = N• cos θ − mg − f •sin θ = 0
    ΣFx = N• sin θ + f •cos θ = m•v²/R,
    where f –friction force

    Solving the 1st equation for N, we obtain
    N =( f •sin θ + m•g)/cos θ,
    Substitute N to the 2nd equation and obtain friction force
    f =m[(v²•cosθ/R) - g•sinθ].
    f=1400[27²•cos14/57 – 9.8•sin18} =
    =1400[12.4-2.04] =14000 N

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