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Physics Velocity Question

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The equation for the displacement in meters of an object moving in SHM is x(t) = 1.50 cos (4.20t) where t is in seconds. (a) What is the maximum speed of the object? (b) At what time does it first reach the maximum speed?

I already got 6.3m/s for A and I got B wrong. I thought it was 1.12 s

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    v = - 1.50 (4.20) sin 4.2 t
    the maximum speed is when the sine function is +1 or -1
    since the sign is negative the sine function reaches -1 first.
    |v|max = max speed = 1.5*4.2 = 6.3 m/s

    this is when 4.2 t is pi/2 radians
    t = pi/8.4 = .374 s

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