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Which of the following are three common characteristics of echinoderms?

A tube feet, circulatory system, body symmetry
B marine-dwellers, endoskeletons, water-vascular system
C bilateral symmetry, ossicles, respiratory system
D mouths, protosomes, body symmetry

is it C?


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic shared by all chordates?

A solid nerve cord
B notochord
C postanal tail
D pharyngeal pouches

Members of the subphyla Urochordata and Cephalochordata are chordates although they lack

A a backbone.
B pharyngeal pouches.
C a notochord.
D an anus.
is it A?

Three common characteristics of adult vertebrates are

A skull, notochord, and complex organ system.
B backbone, segmentation, and open circulatory system.
C two pairs of jointed appendages, cephalization, and internal skeleton.
D hydrostatic skeleton, bilateral symmetry, and true coelom.

A or C?

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