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A pendulum is 18 feet long. Its central angle is 44º. The pendulum makes one back and forth swing every 12 seconds. Each minute, the pendulum swings _____ feet. (Answer to the nearest foot.)

  • trig - ,

    s = rθ = 18(44*pi/180) = 13.82ft in one arc

    It makes 10 (5 back and forth) swings every minute.

    Total travel: 138 ft

  • Algebra 2 - ,

    s=rØ r=18 Ø= (11π/45) radians
    s≈13.82 ft/sec

    60sec÷12sec= 5sec

    The pendulum travels 138 feet each minute

    Degrees to radians;

    (44÷1) × (π÷180) = (11π÷45)

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