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Homework Help: Nuclear Chemistry

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 5:30pm.

The half- life of a positron is very short. it reacts with an electron, and the masses of both are converted to two gamma-ray photons:
(0e+1)+ (0e-1)---> 2γ
(the 0 in front of e is the mass # and behind it is the atomic #)
(γ stands for the photons)
This reaction is called an annihilation reaction. the mass of an electrion or positron is 9.109 * 10^-31 kg
a) Calculate the energy produced by the reaction between one electron and one positron.( in Joules)
change in E= ______J
b)Assuming that the two γ-ray photons have the same frequency,calculate this frequency.
γ photon=_____Hz

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