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Topic: Compare and Contrast the Tang and song dynasties China?

The Tang Dynasties (June 18,618-June 4,907)was an imperial dynasty of china preceded by the Sui Dynasty and followed by the Five Dynasties Ten Kingdoms period. It was founded by the cifamily.
In chinese history, the Tang Dynasty was largely a period of progress and Stability. There were many notable innovations during the Tand, Also the development of woodblock printing. The Tang Dynasty mantained a Civil service system by drafting officials through standardizd examinations and recommendations to office. Chinese culture flourished and further matured during the Tang era: It is considered the greatest age for chinese poetry. Philosophical ideology of Buddhism became a major aspect of Chinese Culture, with native chinese sects becoming the most prominent.
The Sond Dynasty was a ruling synasty in China between 960-1279. It succeeded the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms periode,and it was also followed by Yuan Dynasty. While the Song was vibrant the Social elites had gathered to veiw and trade precious artworks.There were also numerous intellectual pursuits,while pre-modern Technology , Science , Philosophy , Mathematic's, and engineering flourished in the Song, Philosopler's such as Cheng Yi and Zhu Xi reinvigorated Confucianism with new Commentary,infused with Buddhist idel's.
This was about comparing The Tang Synasty and the Song Dynasty. They both had different information's.I learned alot of The Tang Dynasty and The Song Dynast that I never new before. It was very interesting. I love it.

Is this a good essay about The Tang Dynasty and The Song Dynasty? Is my (Grammar , Mechanics, and spelling good ?

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