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1) Yellow light that has a wavelength of 560 nm passes through two narrow slits that are 0.300 mm apart. An interference pattern is produced on a screen 160 cm distant. What is the location of the first-order maximum?

2) A communication satellite is orbiting 36 000 km above Earth’s surface. Two cities, 3500 km apart are transmitting to and receiving signals from each other. Find the time required to transmit a signal from one city to the other. They are equidistant from the satellite.

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    x(min) =±(2k-1)•λL/2•d,
    x(min1) =λL/2•d =560•10^-9•1.6/2•0.3•10^-3 =1.49•10^-3m =1.49 mm

    s=2•sqrt{(3.6•10^7)²+(3.5•10^3)²} =7.2•10^4.
    t=s/c=7.2•10^4/3•10^8=0.24 s.

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    I don't understand why you're multiplying by two for the second question.

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    nevermind I get it

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