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Homework Help: Calc

Posted by Bobby on Monday, June 11, 2012 at 3:55pm.

1. Differentiae each function
a) Y=-3x^2+5x-4
b) F(x) = 6/x-3/x^2
c) F(x)=(3x^2-4x)(x^3+1)
2. Determine the equation of the tangent line to the curve y=2x^2-1 at the point where x=-2
3. Evaluate, rounding to two decimal places, If necessary
a) In 5
b) b) in e^2
c) (ine)^2
4. Differentiate each function
a) Y=cos^3 x
b) Y=sin(x^3)
c) Y=Sin^2xCos3x
5. Determine the value of k so that u=[-3,7] and v= [16,k] are perpendicular
6. Use the derivative of y=Sinx and y=Cosx to develop the derivative of y=tanx
7. Determine the coordinates of two points on the plane with equation 5x+4y-3z=6
8. Determine the work done by force f=[1,4] in newtons for an object moving along the vector d =[6,3]

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