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1. Differentiae each function
a) Y=-3x^2+5x-4
b) F(x) = 6/x-3/x^2
c) F(x)=(3x^2-4x)(x^3+1)
2. Determine the equation of the tangent line to the curve y=2x^2-1 at the point where x=-2
3. Evaluate, rounding to two decimal places, If necessary
a) In 5
b) b) in e^2
c) (ine)^2
4. Differentiate each function
a) Y=cos^3 x
b) Y=sin(x^3)
c) Y=Sin^2xCos3x
5. Determine the value of k so that u=[-3,7] and v= [16,k] are perpendicular
6. Use the derivative of y=Sinx and y=Cosx to develop the derivative of y=tanx
7. Determine the coordinates of two points on the plane with equation 5x+4y-3z=6
8. Determine the work done by force f=[1,4] in newtons for an object moving along the vector d =[6,3]

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    apparently you haven't tried any of these. How far did you get? Where did you get stuck? What makes you think someone wants to do your whole homework assignment for you?

    Here's something:

    3a) 1.6094
    3b) 2
    3c) 1

    6. d/dx(sin/cos) = (cos*cos + sin*sin)/cos^2 = 1/cos^2 = sec^2

    whew - that's enough for me. . .

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