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Consider the fact on Rousseau's idea that said that all men should have the right to take up arms against the government if it did not respect these rights and placed it in the Declaration of Independence and later added something similar as the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution. Now comment on how you think the REST of the world responded when we, the little guys in America, declared that it was not only our right to rise up against the "big dog" of the time, England, but that it was our duty to pick up arms and do it in the name of liberty. Also consider that these words alone were treasonous and punishable by death in England. Write at least 3 sentences.

Could you please help me in this, I really don't know very much about it.


    In the 18th century, most people in the world knew their place. They sometimes grumbled, but obeyed their government as their duty.

    What do you think these people thought when these upstart colonists claimed they had a right and a DUTY to overthrow the legitimate British government?


    I think they probably wanted to support the colonists


    Some did. But the rebellious colonists held a very small minority point of view. Do most people support way-out rebels against society?

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