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Spud McTator climbs his sailboat's mast while anchored. He fires his potato gun. The height of the potato above the ocean is given by: h=0.002X*2+2X=22. Where X is the horizontal distance from the keel of the boat. How far from the keel is the height of the potato a maximum? Find the maximum height of the potato.

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    I assume you mean

    h = 0.002x^2 + 2x + 22

    however, that makes no sense, since the height will be forever increasing. Perhaps you meant

    h = -.002x^2 + 2x + 22

    That would indicate the potato was fired from a height of 22 at a velocity of 2. Must be on an asteroid, though, since the downward acceleration is so small.

    Anyway, using the above equation, we have roots at -10.88 and 1010.88, making the midpoint at x=500.

    h(500) = 522

    If I made bad assumptions, fix them and plug in your numbers.

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