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Math C30

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An airplane is leaving the first airport (A) at a bearing of 70 degrees. It then travels 238 miles to airport B. After fueling up, it leaves at a bearing of 120 degrees and lands at airport C. After fueling up it finally returns to airport (A) at a bearing of 260 degrees. What is the total miles of the complete trip?
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  • Math C30 -

    change "bearing" to "heading" throughout.

    Draw a diagram. Angle CAB = 60°, ABC = 90° and BCA = 30°

    so, you have a 30-60-90 triangle, with the long leg=238.

    short leg = 238/√3 = 137
    and hypotenuse twice that or 274

    so, the whole trip is 238+137+274=649 miles

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