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Posted by chelsea on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 7:04pm.

Record and calculate the following masses:

(a)mass of empty beaker: 47.420g

(b)mass of beaker plus Na₂CO₃:47.920g

(c)Mass of Na₂CO₃:0.5g

(d)mass of beaker plus NaCl:47.438g

(e) Mass of NaCl (g):0.018g

**I need help with these questions below**

2. Convert the masses of Na₂CO₃ and NaCl to moles, given their molecular weights (MW) of Na₂CO₃ = 105.989 g/mole, MW of NaCl = 58.443 g/mole.

3. Calculate the experimentally determined ratio of moles of NaCl produced to moles of Na₂CO₃ reacted, according to:

mole-ratio = (moles NaCl)/(moles Na₂CO₃)

5. Use the mole ratio to write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction.

6. What is the theoretical mole ratio according to this balanced equation?

7. Use the theoretical mole ratio to calculate the theoretical yield of NaCl in grams from .5g of Na₂CO₃?

8. The "percent yield" is the ratio of the actual amount of a product to the theoretical amount. Calculate the percent yield of NaCl as:

% yield = (experimental grams NaCl) / (theoretical grams NaCl) * 100%

9. What sources of error may have reduced your yield?

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