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1. An auto manufacturer negotiates a deal to have its cars appear in a Hollywood film. This is an example of A. publicity. C. media placement. B. product placement. D. image exposure.

2. To affect market _______, a company’s framework could be geographic, demographic, psychographic, or benefit-based. A. development C. determinations B. selectivity D. segmentation

3. Illustrating examples of _______ competition, Borders Books and Toys “R” Us are thought of as category killers. A. entertainment C. selection B. price D. location

4. Among factors that influence consumer decision-making, buyer’s remorse is generally associated with A. cognitive dissonance. C. reference groups. B. cultural patterns. D. behavioral learning.

5. In the movie The Matrix: Reloaded, a rebel group breaks into government computers and accesses very sensitive information. The term to describe this group would be A. cookies. C. viruses. B. hackers. D. computer illiterates.

6. The XYZ Company has come out with a new product—the “Bee-Z2.” It’s so novel that the competition will be nil, at least for a while. Therefore, XYZ management prices the Bee-Z2 high to gather profits while the sun shines. XYZ has adopted a _______ strategy. A. bundling C. price leadership B. penetration D. skimming price

7. The term that refers to doing any kind of business online is A. e-commerce. C. e-business. B. virtualization. D. data processing.

8. When a firm is working out its advertising budget, chances are good that the amount allocated to _______ will be the largest. A. talk radio C. television B. direct mail D. newspapers

9. Regarding differences between consumer-focused marketing and B2B marketing, it’s true that business A. sales tend to be indirect. B. buyers are more likely to be rational decision-makers. C. markets tend more often to be geographically dispersed. D. buyers aren’t interested in negotiating the details of most purchases.

10. Lorne & Greene has come up with a new product for its line of decorative flower pots. Lorne & Greene managers decide to use a break-even analysis to estimate how many of these new pots must be sold per month to make the company profitable. Using the break-even point (BEP) equation, they come up with a figure that’s a sum of rent, electricity, phone, and website hosting costs. This figure is a money amount called _______ in the BEP equation. A. total unit cost C. total fixed cost B. variable cost per unit D. price per unit

11. Wi-Fi stands for A. wireless fidelity. C. wired firewall. B. windows friction. D. wonderful fiction.

12. Among limited-function merchant wholesalers, _______ keep title to the goods displays delivered to retailers. A. cash-and-carry wholesalers C. rack jobbers B. specialty wholesalers D. drop shippers

13. Today, government and corporate security officials are most worried about A. inoculating computers from viruses. B. privacy issues. C. consumers’ fears about using credit cards on the Internet. D. cyber terrorism.

14. For a newly developed product—Product X—Lo-Cal, Inc. managers calculate the item’s production cost plus an acceptable profit margin to set the price. By contrast, one of their competitors—Hi-Cal, Inc.—chooses a target costing approach. If Lo-Cal’s item price is based on cost, what is the basis for Hi-Cal’s pricing approach? A. Profit margin C. Supply B. Demand D. Competitor price leadership

15. The process of moving goods and materials from one place to another is called _______ chain management. A. transport C. product B. logistic D. supply

16. Vending is a form of _______ that succeeds by offering convenient locations, like airports, office buildings, and service stations. A. wholesaling C. direct selling B. integrated marketing D. retailing

17. If your marketing emphasis is on retaining customers over time by offering ever new products and services that exactly meet customer requirements, you’re engaged in _______ marketing. A. reality C. relationship B. personal D. psychological

18. PDQ Company’s management decides to place its products in as many retail stores as possible. This is an example of _______ distribution. A. nonselective C. selective B. intensive D. expansive

19. Among pricing strategy objectives, loss leaders are generally associated with A. building traffic. B. return in investment. C. creating an image. D. achieving greater market share.

20. A _______ is a private data network that creates secure connections or “tunnels” over regular Internet lines. A. portal C. virtual private network B. broadband network D. wireless information appliance

21. Promotional strategies for B2B are most likely to include A. sampling and coupons. B. lotteries and in-store displays. C. premiums and demonstration. D. portfolios for salespeople and trade shows.

22. Which project would be best suited to a spreadsheet program? A. Personalizing a standardized letter form to clients B. Recording sales figures from several different sto
1. a
2. a
3. c
4. a
5. c
6. b
7. a
8. d
9. b
10. d
11. a
12. b
13. d
14. b
15. a
16. c
17. b
18. d
20. c
21. c
22. c

could you please check my answers

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