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The bond enthalpy of the Br–Cl bond is equal to DH° for the reaction
BrCl(g)-> Br(g) + Cl(g).
Use the following data to find the bond enthalpy of the Br–Cl bond.

Br2(l)--->Br2(g) ÄH=30.91 KJ/mol
Br2(g)--->2Br2(g) ÄH=192.9 KJ/mol
Cl2(g)---->2Cl(g) ÄH=243.4 KJ/mol
Br2(l)+Cl2(g)-->2BrCl(g) ÄH=29.2KJ/mol

A. 219.0 kJ/mol
B. 203.5 kJ/mol
C. 14.6 kJ/mol
D. 438.0 kJ/mol
E. 407.0 kJ/mol

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