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Posted by Nick on Sunday, June 3, 2012 at 6:56pm.

Two crates A and B connected together by a light rope are pulled along a factory floor by an applied force, F. Crate A has a mass of 50 kg and the coefficient of friction (μ) between crate A and the floor is 0,25. Crate B has a mass of 35 kg and μ between B and the floor is 0,2.
(a) Calculate the value of the applied force if:
(i) the crates travel at constant velocity
(ii) if the crates accelerate to the right at 0,3 m/s2

(b) If the crates accelerate at 0,15 m/s2 to the right and F is now applied to crate B at an angle of 25° anticlockwise to the horizontal, calculate the value of the applied force.

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