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Physics(Please respond)

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A student, starting from rest, slides down a water slide. On the way down, a kinetic frictional force (a nonconservative force) acts on her. The student has a mass of 71 kg, and the height of the water slide is 12.0 m. If the kinetic frictional force does -7.4 × 103 J of work, how fast is the student going at the bottom of the slide? Use g = 9.81 m/s2

Could I use the equation
vf=sqrt v0^2 + 2(g)(h0-hf) ?

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    No, not that equation.

    final KE=initial PE - frictional loss
    1/2 m vf^2=m*g*(12)-7.4E3

    solve for vf

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    so for m

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    So for m I would plug in 71kg correct?

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