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Posted by Priyanka Chopra on Friday, June 1, 2012 at 1:52am.

This question looks at the relationship between the molecular structure, polarity and
solubility of ethanol (wikipedia ethanol), water and petrol
(Wikipedia Petroleum).
This posting was made on a discussion board:
"Ethanol mixs in fuel are not a bad thing if pure. What they don't tell you its not possible to be
pure unless you buy it in sealed drums direct.
Fact ethanol absorbs water from the air and with contact.
Fact ALL fuel stations have water in the bottom of the tanks. The pickup for fuel in these tanks are
not at the bottom, so unless the water isn?t monitored and comes up too high it not a problem.
Straight petrol floats on water and doesn?t mix or absorb water.
On the other hand any ethanol mix will come into direct contact with water at all fuel stations, a fact.
So straight away your running a small % of absorbed water through your cars which will effect
some parts such a fuel injectors over time."
Green - assume this is the case
Yellow - Analyse and evaluate these comments (explain the chemistry). Do you think the
author is correct?
Pink - rephrase this so it retains the authorís intent but makes sense from a chemical

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