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DBQ Essay (plzz read!)

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here is my DBQ essay so far BUT it's NOT done tho.
Sectionalism – The Civil War
From the 1820’s to the 1860’s the North and South had different thoughts over slavery. It expanded through different sections of America. The North and South started to develop new ways in which to make money and lifestyles. The Abolitionist in the north disagreed with the south on slavery which caused civil war.
According to Document 1 the North have better resources than the South. For example, North have a better population then the South which is good for them because they make more money (more slaves = more $$$). Not only they have a bigger population, they have more factories. There are more other resources that North have then South.
The cotton production & slavery increased every year during the 1800's. The year when most cotton was produced was the year of 1860. The relationship between cotton production and slavery was that the more cotton that was produced that meant more slavery and more $$$. There was an invention that led to the increase of cotton production in the South, which was the cotton grin made by Eli Whiney.

is it good...??

  • DBQ Essay (plzz read!) -

    Since this occurred in the past, you need to use the past tense of your verbs.

    Please correct these errors.

  • DBQ Essay (plzz read!) -


  • DBQ Essay (plzz read!) -

    I'm writing a paragraph in my DBQ about how the North and South divided over the issue of slavery.

    The North and South were divided over the issue of slavery.

    that's all i got ... BUT document 4 explains the divide over slavery which is related to the task.

    in the chart under divided over slavery - views on slaves (slaveholders, moderates, ablitionists)

    so i should write for the second sentence - there are 3 views of slavery - slaveholders, moderates, and aboilitionists. (does that sounds good...???)

    and then I write what it is and the difference between them.

    is that good?????

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