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Could you please revise the following sentences? Thank you.

Shall I consider both sentences as correct?
1) I was having dinner / I had been having dinner when the telephone rang.
2)He told me he had lost his car keys and that he wanted me to go and pick him up (it "to go" necessary?)
3) He had been cleaning everything (not "all"?) by 9 o'clock.
4) It was two weeks since I had spoken with my parents.
5) I hadn't spoken with them for two weeks.
You should check your test better/more carefully/further (which are possible?)
6) You have to dress better/more smartly/more elegantly (which are possible?)
We arrived later/earlier than we expected.
7) If she hadd had a lot of money, she would not have been (is the position of "not") correct?

  • Art -

    1. Both are correct, yes.

    2. I'd delete "go and" and keep the rest.

    3. Yes, use "everything" but not "all."

    4. It has been two weeks since I last spoke with my parents. <~~Better. The verb tenses in the original sentence are grammatically correct (sequence of tenses), but they sound awkward.

    5. ... more carefully.

    6. All variations are possible.

    7. ... had had ...
    Yes, you have "not" in the right place.

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