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Homework Help: Maths (Trigonometry)

Posted by Jaizzer on Thursday, May 31, 2012 at 3:50am.

Raylene who was involved in an
orienteering competition. The first two
legs of her triangular course are:
• 1.2 km on a true bearing of 200 °
• 2.3 km on a true bearing of 320 ° .
To find the shortest way back to the
start/finish line, Raylene must
calculate the distance and bearing of
the final leg.
1 Draw a diagram showing the first
two legs of the course.
2 Consider the first leg of the course.
Calculate the distance south and the
distance west of the starting point
travelled in the first leg.
3 Now, considering only the second
leg of the course, calculate the
distance travelled north and west
during this leg.
4 Calculate how far west of the start
point Raylene is at the end of the second leg.
5 Calculate how far north or south of the start point Raylene is at the end of the
second leg.
6 Use Pythagoras’ theorem to find the distance back to the start/finish line.
7 Find the bearing on which Raylene must run to get back to the start/finish line.
8 The organisers made an error in calculating the bearing on which to run the
second leg. It was the intention of the organisers that the final leg of the course
be due east. Calculate the bearing on which the second leg should have been run
so that the final leg is due east.

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