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Posted by Scarlet on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 6:59pm.

Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard by Thomas Gray.

I need help answering these questions, could you tell me if my answers are correct and if no, which one would it be? All help is greatly appreciated:

1.)The speaker's attitude toward the forefathers is best indicated by:
-a direct accusation in the fourth stanza
-imagery of domestic tranquility <<<
-descriptions of rugged elms and the yew tree's shade
-A mocking tone in the third stanza
-All of the above.

2.) Ambition (line 9) and Grandeur (line 11) are best described as:
-References to goals the forefathers never reached <<
-Qualities sadly lacking in the people in country villages
-Character traits that village forefathers would mock
-Character traits which are found in even the people in obscure country villages
-Allegorical depictions of human character traits

3.) Judging from the tone of the poem, which is most likely to describe the poet's political sensibilities?:
-He favors absolute monarchy.
-He favors a limited monarchy with parliamentary control.
-He favors a theocratic government in which leaders make decisions based upon their religious beliefs.
-He favors a democratic government. <<<<
-He is an anarchist (no government).


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