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a train starts from rest and accelerates uniformly to achieve a velocity of 20m/sec in 10 sec.then train maintains this speed for next 200 sec.the breaks are then applied and train comes to rest in next 50 sec.calculate
a)acceleration in first 10 sec.
b)acceleration in last 50 sec.
c)the total distance traveled by the train in whole journey
d)average velocity of the trip.

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    a) (Velocity change)/Time = 2.0 m/s^2
    b) (Velocity change)/Time = -0.4 m/s^2
    c) X1 + X2 + X3, where X1 is the distance travelled accelerating; X2 is the distance travelled at constant speed and X3 is the distance travelled while decelerating.
    = 10*10 + 20*200 + 10*50 = ___ m
    Average speed was used for X1 and X3.
    d) Divide previous answer by total elapsed time, 260 s.

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